the day I scare to capture graveyard scene

By yow yuen
my new futsal shoes
hi all,

so long didnt update my blog liao..aiz..lazy lar..even my forum now also i less diao it..pointless..exam coming soon..

about today,I went cheng beng at kuala khubu bharu this morning...aiz..sleep 3 hours enough..1 and half hour journey from kl to the kkb usual..reach there sure meet with my relative that share same surname..haha..but i not really close with them..somemore i dunno how speak usual ..biasa the eldest cucu have to do everything..haiz..tired cham..but i cant let my dad and mom do also ma do only until 11am..then back home..around 1pm CBG(c*baiGan) come fetch me go kuai leh fetch me go along with CBJ(dun need explain lor tis one)go there..aiz buy new at little taiwan ..spend around also JCO doughnut..and also buy a new i got 3 shoes now..lanci u all ..

oklar..i very lazy to type..want go watch crunchyroll ..

tats all for today and greet everyone tat read my blog..i really sorry coz didnt update it

By yow yuen

I know this one is a old news but still classic joke wat...well between my two frens thats was a' sweet couple ' ..haha..dun laugh and alway believe in KARMA~!!!!!!! i go petaling street
the curve
picture take by ah chin...i dun like ppl play with my camera..choi ar..i am lanci and kiam ??? nxt time dun need ask u go d if say me kiam siap...oi brother..burglarisme is spell like this leh..plz use dictionary...

to niama punya ah gan.

dun think i dunno wat u do lar..malou ah...want play is it? we play kaw kaw one ar..ok? hahaha

today I kena ah chin punya ultimate..alway keep say du dia..malou ah...walao..this thing is like sars..can so fast go through to my mind and poison my mind too..aiz..wat to do...

to ah chin,
send to me the picture..i lazy tulis blog only reach 40 members bz

today is monday but tis blog is about sunday

By yow yuen

hihi..long time no c liao very bz..finally my forum reach 30ppl liao..damn happy lar..tat why i go celeb with ah chin and ah ping juz bout tis i boh song lou ah..i order chicken feet,kambing punya daging, and tat babi hutan masak kari..nice wat but tat CB Chin only eat the babi hutan curry...

talk bout curry tis morning juz go wangsa maju eat rm5 punya economy rice..rm5 call economy ar??walao eh..even at labuan also dun need so expensive lor...sienzz..labuan kia so good me and ask me wat i want when he reach kl..sure got something need me help..hey CB Gan , you think yy materialistic lou ah..alway think i person like tat..i very long u nice to me then i nice to you lar..

talk bout ah gan leh..i want mention bout ur car..tat CB chin and ah ping go play ur see i so honest only tell you..if other ppl..diao u also crazy..

sienzz..still dunawn sleep coz know tomoro class is 9am..juz finish sms with little happy..first time chat with little A until so long..

talk bout food leh..after tat i go genting klang eat sai mai lou lor..nice ma..rm1.80 nia..wah..then go eat 2 cucuk si ham in english call delicious de food he call cock ar..

talk bout cock i remember ah chin say his bird is pink colour and mine is maroon and his lanjiao got wat different leh..why one pink and one maroon..aiz

talk bout lanjiao leh, i remember kuok zhen diao huey yee funny..lucky i got save the picture..upload soon..ah zhen also sohai ..aiz..both also sohai..

so far till now..ya ..malou ah ahchin, you dun think i dunno ur blog lar..u kira clever disable comment if not u sure kena from me..use my name kena ask my ©..

burglarisme betol ur eyes nxt time..and tomoro accompany me go fetch tat CB gan ok?

terima kasih

tuesday the day I study one subject only

By yow yuen
start from morning d I already very sui..

dah lah go late to college kuai park at student place there..climb M block till M302..but found out there is nobody tat MrGan ..macam sudah tahu what I want ask...straight answer PA203...oklor..dun need waste my saliva and phone credit..walk walk go with the people I know de but act dunno her and fast fast go class..sorry lar..I no time to chat liao tat time...class start 8am but I 8.05am juz woke u know de lar wat time when I enter my class...

time I enter class , many people..feel my class suddenly so meriah..never attend tutorial so many people one(last time mayb got but I lost tat memories d)..then I kap one gal there lor..aiya..I kap is not because she pretty but she look like Allison..haha..her most same part is mouth...haha...I dunno Allison got read my blog or not if not she gonna kick me d ==

after finish class we go eat lor...we got eat milk fish head meehon near the 12lau till around bad..after tat Ah Gan leave us..wanna go meet up his cousin d..behind say cousin but reality he like his cousin one..juz dunwan admit only...

then go play bowling lor..2 car follow chee choong and one is zakwan..kok ken not follow..he say want go back home sleep,furthermore he spent all his money d...

so story in bowling start now...first game we all kena pawned by zakwan and second game not bad..dailou get 3X...dun see my dailou face like sohai sohai..but damn keng also play bowling..most respect is he can screw the ball...the most keng is zakwan and dailou..the most palia go to ah kang..aiz..dunwan say ah kang bowling alway go longkang one..kang and longkang...

after tat not while , reach home d..fetch jien go home lor...suddenly raining..planning go futsal d de..aiz but need cancel d..go on9 lor..but eyes very heavy go sleep and when I awake my leg damn kena gigit bilion semut...tak boleh..tahan..nxt time i wont sleep like L position anymore...

so I on9 around 7.30..waiting for 'A' to on9...but she didnt on9 today...haha...nvm tomoro still got..

so juz for today the blog..sorry I forgot take picture of meehoon and bowling to share here...

juz have a nice dream and all the best in future!!!

today is monday

By yow yuen

I read so much bout Harakah by Parti Pas..really can fight with UMNO Utusan

aiz..i promise someone that I will give cd as a gift..want know more bout this ppl...haha..dream lar I will tell here..

So today..picture that I took in lecture hall..well..can see that I am quite hardworking today

hihi..yy here

By yow yuen

from left-
*King of ML(marlboro light,ma lou)-Aaron Gan Cheng Hap
aka useless printing manager-Labuan Kia
*King of En Dao-Ng Yow Yuen
Great Treasurer of DTE-KL lencai
*King Of Scholar-Tan Chee Choong
Never Say Foul Language-Puchong Smart Student
*King Of Telekom-Zakwan
Never Wear Helmet When Go Back -TBR anak taukeh
*King Of Make Love-Lim Kuok Zhen
Dream Make Love But Never Get Kastam Cop-Baling sex maniac
*King Of Long Hair-Chong Kok Ken
Never Shower In Morning-Subang Rempit
*King Of Blurness-Har Hou Jien
His eyes tell all bout him = =-He Love Kuantan
*King Of Dailou-Goh Kok Chuan
his favourite story is about monkey-Monkey like live in Maluri
*King Of everywhere Also Bed-Lim Khong Guan
The Most Experienced and Most laoya-Ampang Yong Taufu
*King Of Tangachi-Yasmin
which Tarc Indian dunno tis hot black chick-Batu Caves Wa Tan Hor
*King Of LPPL-Steven Poh
Brother to Steven Lim,Steven Corner,Master Of Talk Cock and Last Generation Of Kungfu Panda-Kemaman,China,Genting Court
DTE 1 2007

pictars from cat there

By yow yuen


imagine u in middle of that pond...

i sure if i throw ah chin go middle of pond juz can see his eyes..if not hard to see

savvy version..woohoo!!!

sunday again

By yow yuen is sunday..

i not really fell want write blog yesterday..despite i am busy looking for the election result..maybe i quite shock with the area or yy territory at last fall to the may not be a bad things but so far I hardly can see wat my new YB can do here..Yb Wee Chee Keong..anyway congratulation to you as I can see the way you gave speech near my house..It quite interesting and able to move me up from my computer table..

about yesterday I went to the forum gathering and meet some online frens..they was so cool and friendly..but as usual i will act like budak baik first and dun talk so much rubbish..they really cool and i show some picture later if still available..

one more thing i want to mention is I would like to thanks my senior Mr Steven Poh Cheng Haw ..if not because he accompany me I think I will slept in Mid Valley Parking..

ya oh..until now I havent post the kuching sorry..but I need go BRJ yamcha d..and might get some picture from my fav lepak place...ya

so see u all..take care and have a nice day...

consolation to Datuk Yew Teong already try your best .. and you already serve the best but the people in Wangsa Maju have spoken..



By yow yuen
sunday morning....

well..wat a terrible sunday...

lol..wait for gary phua wy kent ..then suddenly i want piao car crash waja in taman melati...lucky no ppl perasan...mahem..gary phua still at there see wat o...lucky i fast fast told him go inside car and drove off...

having kolo mee in kl is quite diff compare to kch de kolo mee...well...kch more nice...kl lose liao..then go dota with andy lor 1 lose 2...aiz...dunno wat to say..getting noob d...

then at nite cook maggie and eat..lucky can chat with ancy and know she also banana one more kaki liao ler...

tomoro going college now i think want sleep lor..k good nitez all the best tomoro