By yow yuen
There are alot of things I want to blog about . I probably forget it someday if I decided not to put all the stuffs that happened recently here.The hebe incident , the tinghui joining the new gang exploring foods , watch movies and with his chap chengness .hehe..

I hope I have the commitment to survive here , typing all the stories that I like to express and telling it to everyone that care or interested with my blog =) so it is good to keep everything interesting , sorry for the blog design that kinda looks outdated =) I dont have the skills and patience like 3-4 years ago where I play with the widgets around the blog and the background pictures. I want to keep it as simple as I can because I prefer typing and sharing my stories more than showing you guys the picture I took.

Few more weeks , I will be in another state , another country , the thing that I cant let go , I hope I learn how to deal with it =) It is always my style to hide everything that happened inside my heart. It is not a good thing because it can attacks me or make me painful everytime I think bout it , I can cheat buddha or anyone but with myself , I just failed to do it.

I am saving this in draft because I want to keep this blog alive with at least a post in a week=) so stay tune for my blog ya.



By yow yuen
Not too long before I start another post here. I did finished up my resume for 4 pages long last Monday. Amazing that I did it in one day time. Well , the progress now is chasing one girl that I dont really know what she is thinking. Thinking to confess to her but I knew I did indirectly confess to her in message or face to face. She is kinda shy and quiet , so sometimes I am really wondering what is playing in her mind.Nevertheless I will try my best and live with no regret. Went to swim today in ah boy house. Resulting in quite serious flu and I went up to Night market as well in Sri Rampai. Not a bad one compared to the last time I visit where I only drop by for my apam balik. haha.. kinda funny because I have one kind of obsession towards apam balik since I am back here from UK. Bought my new swimming trunk or should I call it swimming pant ? Cost me rm55..kinda tight and I hope I can maintain my size now so I wont feel wasted in buying so tight swimming trunk/pant. That is all for today , I will be back soon if I got the mood to write down more and more. Life is changing so fast and I would really envy the last year me or even laugh at him. Time changes people.

By yow yuen
Halo everyone, Guess I made up a safe journey from my study time in UK . This year was truly a roller coaster for me. Bumped up with a lot kind of experiences that I never expected and some dream come true moments. I guess I will fill out my blog with words only as I realized I am not someone that are keen to upload everything I see to my blog. Sad to say , I don't think much will really read my blog nowadays and most of the time I am only writing to myself =) I cant say that I am still emo or happy now. There are something bothering me now but obviously what is past remained in past. Perhaps I am making my first step now into career world. Work hard and work with all my strength will be my promise to myself to succeed in things I am going to do. Talk about some activities for today , was really busy playing futsal and exercise. Perhaps the fats in my body is really starting to annoy me now. Wanna get rid them as soon as I can but in healthy way. Playing badminton with double J today jeff and jerry. It was fun and hopefully we can remain the same in next few years. Old friends go , new friends come. Rules of this life. Appreciate the moment you are having now and be happy always.

Smile =)

By yow yuen
Still no pictures from me..haha , I am too lazy to plug my phone and copy all those pictures from my phone to pc. Even I dont bother to custom-roming my notes and just let it be like that. I am totally using this expensive gadjet to finish up naruto's manga.lol Back to today , yesterday had a great match against sudoku. We went to play fifa11 for 3 nites streak. Wow..just went v2 there only la since familiar with the place ady. Watching sudoku losing his temper is funny when he is blaming messi or ronaldo or any players for his mistake. haha, it is just a game and well maybe for him this is a way to release those stress and temper. Hope I can make it to the 'trip' that invited by kaibin. Paiseh to him coz he invited me long time ago but I am still trying to find the $$ and time to fit few of us go there coz if want go enjoy sure go together with the gang ma. Same like last time my gang went out in early sunday morning for delicious breakfast. So miss that time =) happy and relax only. Finally went to tm and cut my house number. Well , the only fren tat will call my house's phone and looking for me is sudoku. I dont get how he managed to get my house's number but dont bother him la. hehe. Clear off my digi bill as well today , doing some financial calculation for the trip and uk one. Next one , I will put more pictures ..hoho

Saturday nite

By yow yuen
It is time for some blogging , Have a good saturday nite and managed to win against sudoku in fifa11 matches.Tag teaming with simon and play against sudoku , managed to win few matches and ok la..not bad . Just feel that sudoku is not that good in fifa compare to last time or I am getting better and better..haha. suddenly feel like blogging after finish my breakfast in May King, the chilies are superbly spicy and I can see even my parent cant tahan . haha , their face already betray themselves. Not much to blog but this few days ok la , having a great conversation with sudoku , gan and simon on friday nite. It was a good one and I think I should have a different mindset..thanks to all of them for all the guidances.They definitely know me well and thanks for their concern. Today , planning to go kenanga there see yan yi ge at 3pm but the time i am blogging now is 2.22pm..dont feel like going anywhere since at nite I might joining willy at piccadily coz he bought 4 vouchers from mydeal for beer tower promotion. That is all for today and Barcelona lose to Real Madrid by 2-1 in Nou Camp..lol , I can sense that majority of Barca haters come from Manu fans ,for me I am more neutral and I use Real Madrid team to play in fifa12. I dont really care bout it since I am not following la liga so much =)

2012 first post

By yow yuen
Hi guys ,

it's been 3 years since the last I posted here , I guess many of my friends already migrated to facebook =) sad case for me as I still enjoy reading blogs (in the way I am the one who read but not typing on it)

Today been a good day for me , the fourth day of the training sessions in telecommunication principles and UMTS technology. It was a very good knowledge for us as LTE technology is coming soon.

Speak bout this , I found out I am quite crazy last time because I just read thru everything that I blogged 3-4 years ago =) time flies and I am grateful this blog still here and remaining to serve me as an online diary.

It been a hell of months for me , there is something I hardly can let go now , to Ng Yow Yuen that probably reading this again in year 2014 , you do the right choice =) I hope I have the courage to last long till that day.

Speaking bout today activities , me and my ATE2 except Cheryl went somewhr in brickfield for our lunch.Unfortunately for Andy and Ban Siong, they are not having it because the price is quite over for them.We will have the chance again for tomoro or next 2 weeks =) dont worry ! and to Ban Siong , I been going through what you experiencing and I hope you are strong and has a right mentality to overcome this problems.

Till then , I think I will constantly update my blog , blogging is fun sometimes but yy still yy =) get what I mean yea my old friends =)

friday 12.6.2009

By yow yuen
Today morning I skip materials class at 8am.Well ,I only manage to wake up at 7.55am and I give up to go the class after that since it is only replacement and I still got lab at 9am.

After that,I didnt continue to sleep but prepare for my lab later ,arrange my files and notes everything, iron my shirt,something that I didnt do last time.Take a look at the window and haze is coming.Hope everyone drink more water.

9am go to lab in front of PA Block.Material engineering lab.Been placed in group 3 with Simon,P'ng and Yasmin.Lucky P'ng got experience last time, he taught us what to do.At last we need to measure the thing.I am not quite sure measure what but all the machines were spoiled by P'ng today,not him spoil la just the thing didnt work.All equipment inside was like stolen from museum.

Mr Yeoh absent today.He going to practical and next week he wont come and teach us for one week due to some practical.It might not be a good news as Mr Yeo for surely will replace all the class on next next week.After that I saw Kevin at Block H.He greet me and Simon , we chat for a while and after college I call him to yamcha at Pan Mee place next to GK Tbun.

Nothing special today as the special thing is we taunt Purple in lecture hall by calling ban siong name.Suprisingly she did notice about the 'gelaran' we gave her.
Well, I am to lazy to take any picture to put in my blog as I enjoy reading and I hope all my reader can bear with my bloken manglish.I am trying hard to improve my english and hope I can speak well as I notice ,my grammar is getting bad and bad.
Maybe I should spend 5 minutes per day to write something on my blog and I really hope u guys can put some comment here.I will surely reply ur comment on the nxt day.

to Ah Kang, I try to get Exora picture by tonite.

to Kevin, thanks for the meal tonite and dun simply spend money lar.I say u coz I care bout u..haha..fren 4ever

signing out-yow yuen