End Of June-Accident Day-Ver 2

By yow yuen
Seorang maut, 4 parah kemalangan babitkan 14 kenderaan

PUCHONG: Seorang maut manakala empat lagi parah dalam satu kemalangan membabitkan tujuh kereta, sebuah lori trailer, sebuah lori kecil dan lima motosikal di persimpangan lampu isyarat menuju ke Bandar Puchong Jaya dekat sini, hari ini.

Dalam kejadian jam 1.45 petang itu, sebuah trailer dari arah Bandar Kinrara dipercayai dipandu laju dan gagal mengawal kenderaan menyebabkannya melanggar semua kenderaan yang sedang berhenti di persimpangan itu.

Pegawai Penyiasat Trafik, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Subang Jaya, Asisten Superintendan Mohd Rizal Kamarudin, berkata pemandu trailer dipercayai memandu laju dan gagal memberhentikan kenderaannya.

Puchong Accident Today.

Credits to Lyn Forum and who picture I take it from.Just for sharing with my friends.Thanks

Nothing can be compare with this ^^


End of June-Accident Day

By yow yuen
Topic I will put in my blog today is about accident..what really you all do if somebody crash your car while you was driving?

ya..leave comment here and I try my best to guide you all..because the procedure can consider as very mf(mafan)

To officer Zulkifli and other Mr.Perut Buncit...plz plz plz...respect yourself and respect the taxpayer...who on earth will go to find you all if they crappy government and stupid law told us to do so.If u dont like your job just express it or rant with your boss..we as taxpayer..even not taxpayer but as a son to the Malaysia taxpayer didnt deserve all those kind rubbish service..

I wont disclose much bout this matter just as an impression for me that all police is dirty..ya..I assume it is that and so far it is a reality..

back to topic..gan accident..and u all can go his blog for more info..

some picture for you all bout this accident..I try put in next post coz I know some of you will surely close the window if without all those interesting picture..so c ya

Funny poem but it sound quite real

By yow yuen
Malaysia semua crying baby,
our government is so lousy,
make the college becomes no quality,
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
It never had a choice for me,
because no money cannot study at oversea,
so I always feel i'm so pity.

Every college are greedy,
sini sana all need money,
their pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because there sucks my money.

Exam question full of difficulty,
it has a reason only,
which is to earn more money,
because we retake money masuk lagi.
The staffs always no aksi,
they did wrong never say sorry,
before asking please show your money,
otherwise they wont be happy,
we pay their salary still make us angry.
that's why i wanna study hard to earn more and more money

Tiap-Tiap hari feel so lazy,
never try to wake up early,
always hope college sekarang cuti,
everyday go to class feel so sleepy,
lecturer always scold me lazy.
do assignment just like to copy,
before the final just feel worry,
every nite study until crazy,
because scared scold by mummy.

Why my class always no pretty,
those elephant always show me how she's sexy,
the monster wanna treat me nicely,
like that i better mati.

my looking is abit ugly,
saya mari girl girl lari,
everyday date them they only say busy,
semua orang tak ada hati,
make me always so lonely,
only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully,
maybe i am really so lousy,
althought knife people is so happy,
but i am always unlucky,
kena headshot easily,
after mati still mati.

This is just a small story,
typed it simply,
feel funny and happy,
actually i am not lonely,
because I have many friends around me.

Conclusion of Weekend that had happened last time

By yow yuen
Dun need explain much ..Picture tell thousand story ..so check it out ya~!

lucky i manage take a picture with ah gan during last year TT nite..time pass so fast..tat time I remember he take cab to college and my dad fetch me there...

the guy posing inside picture is not me but the guy behind ah fung(veron) is me..well..one of the spectacular pic tat i keep until now..hehe

picture that I take with Kuok Zhen inside PA class..classic and memorable...

that's all for today..every weekend I will try upload any interesting picture or event tat happen on tat particular week..so alway come and take a look here ..tata

tonight is euro final~!!!!!

By yow yuen
Today as usual,sunday morning is the sweetest day in this week..cool and cloudy weather make the perfect time to start the day.

Tonite got Euro2008 Final between Spain and Germany.Great Match and I waiting soon to watch it with dailou ,kok ken , zakwan and perhaps siong and the rest can join together..haha>> I am supporting Spain because of Torres.Liverpool Player Of The Year.

Fernando in advertisement

he in national shirt with number 9

picture of him in 3 styles..classic

torres in liverpool shirt..pure class

El -Nino in action

commercial face ^^

thursday story

By yow yuen

there is long time I didnt come with a good article in my blog..and I guess none of them is really benefit my blog reader..

after read the blog by zhentasy(although i know u copy and paste)about the animals and ah gan(with ur broken english but still a good read)expense in daily ..I come with an article>>>technology nowadays and how rich there are..

ya..tat is the thing tat impress me when I read newspaper today..

several picture to be put here too

early picture of Burj..this is a dream for any architure

comparison between world highest building..

another mega project by Dubai..


no way..I mean if their country got oil is their rezeki..our country also got oil..ppl in dubai is dubai is an example of a great human civilization
very intelligent ppl, rich, advanced, beautiful

Haha, in dubai most high rank people are arabs and they just sit in office relax, night time drive their ferrari and porsche out to hang with their car buddies.


those working for them are bangladeshi..etc etc
smart indeed.
Why can't we do that in Malaysia? lolz

some i take from forum..so all is bodohwi fault...why we never get a mega project since he take over?? dun say projek angkasawan..tat is a JOKE for me

sekian terima kasih..and i really appreciate if u can drop a comment here ..thx xD


By yow yuen
song I found out from youtube..quite nice..Made by Malaysian..malaysia boleh~!!

Honestly,what is the color of your
> semi naked
2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
> finish this blog and do revision bout basic electronic..dun laugh ar
3. Honestly, what are you doing right
> now i tengah mandi while doing tis all k?
4. Honestly, have you done something
bad today?
> today bad thing ar...erm..go play cc and keep kill chee choong and jien
5. Honestly, do you watch cartoons?
> mr bean animated
6. Honestly, who is the last person
you talked to on the phone?
7. Honestly, are you jealous of
someone right now?
> i jealous-ing bill gates..money money money....money
8. Honestly, what makes you mad most
of the time?
> when the things doesnt work as what i plan
9. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
> no bites..suck only
10. Honestly, you wish you lived in...
> cemerlang height
11. Honestly, do you want to see
someone this very moment?
> yea..i wish to see her now
12. Honestly, do you have a friend
that you really don’t like?
> no lar..my fren all yong sui so I not really care bout them except her
13. Honestly, do you like/love someone?
>ya..i love miss yy
Anger Section
1. What do you do when you get mad?
> one word C!b@!
2. What's the worst thing you've done
when you were mad?
> diam diam lar..act cool ma...
3. Ever made anyone cry when you were
> i think huey yee kua ...
Crying Section
1. Honestly, when's the last time you
> last year kua...william make me cry
2. Ever cried yourself to sleep?
> i only need 10 seconds to get through into my dream
3. Do certain songs make you cry?
> yup
4. Who usually makes you cry?
> aizzzz...
5. What do you do when you're sad?
>apa lagi kan mr gan
1. Is there someone right now, that
could do something to make you happy?
>give me rm100
2. Who can make you happy?
> my 7 lou
3. Does being with your friends make
you happy?
> sometimes only lar
4. So are you happy?
walao..u say leh..answer this survey in toilet happy o not
5. are you happy in answering this
> quite happy lar..if not later tis survey creator bo shiok

Football Merchandises

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