By yow yuen
Halo everyone, Guess I made up a safe journey from my study time in UK . This year was truly a roller coaster for me. Bumped up with a lot kind of experiences that I never expected and some dream come true moments. I guess I will fill out my blog with words only as I realized I am not someone that are keen to upload everything I see to my blog. Sad to say , I don't think much will really read my blog nowadays and most of the time I am only writing to myself =) I cant say that I am still emo or happy now. There are something bothering me now but obviously what is past remained in past. Perhaps I am making my first step now into career world. Work hard and work with all my strength will be my promise to myself to succeed in things I am going to do. Talk about some activities for today , was really busy playing futsal and exercise. Perhaps the fats in my body is really starting to annoy me now. Wanna get rid them as soon as I can but in healthy way. Playing badminton with double J today jeff and jerry. It was fun and hopefully we can remain the same in next few years. Old friends go , new friends come. Rules of this life. Appreciate the moment you are having now and be happy always.