chee word

By yow yuen
last time I got an idea to write out my primary result here..but due to some laziness sorry lar, u all no chance to see it

btw ..I update my blog with a word first.the word i choose is chee..chee eh..chee choong..chee cheong fun , chee la ka , chee bye , chee makan we can conclude the chee word is very useful

streamyx sux

By yow yuen
Updating my blog in Tbun wangsa maju..ya it is really moody day for me

I really speechless when get to know Zhen neighbour the aunty de punya daughter will getting marry soon..Fyi(for u all fucking ppl information) her daughter already pregnant and according to my close source , her stomach quite big d and estimate to deliver next anyone wanna make a prediction here?plz do it in my comment space there.

ya.I getting upset with our country main ISP, just look at the way they manage their customer right, I never been informed that my area will be affected..just call this morning and wat they told me is they are updating fiber optic first answer is a big "SO?"

ya..really ruin out my whole weekend program now as I am planning to spend the whole saturday with my beloved pc ..but it seems useless now without internet..sorry ya

what I am trying to do now is went to tbun and update my blog and chat with my frens..I seriously need a social life and I am going for my dinner...tata

my dinner

By yow yuen
my dinner tonite..want show off to chee choong for didnt invite me go dinner and I eat maggie..but maggie is not simple also ..

deng deng deng

maggie with egg and pork meat ball finish with my favourite juicy strawberry..



By yow yuen
Announcement to all Dte guys..

okay..We are coming up with gathering at genting and the price I get from the website is as below


click picture to enlarge it

so here calculation if we take the deluxe room rm78.80x2(rooms)

=rm157.6 +(rm15.20x10)

=rm309.6 so divide by I assume 10 ppls going so rm31 per person not include food,entertainment

but bear in mind , we all get a deluxe room which slightly bigger and bit more comfortable

the purpose I click on tuesday is because SOT school are enjoying holidays on that day and this is only idea from me and not confirm yet


click picture to enlarge it

as you all can see from my printscreen image,price to genting on next friday the cheapest we can get is rm88.80 and the deluxe one is rm98.80 and as usual, I like to count on bigger amount.

so rm98.80 x 2
=197.6 +(rm15.20x10)
=rm349.60 rm35 per person not including meal and entertainment

*2 rooms mean 4 breakfast for those early bird and priority been given to Jien,Kok Ken and Zakwan..since we want ah gan to diet so the breakfast will go to ah poh(in case ahpoh not there the replacement give to yy)

*theme park hotel are fully book on both next monday and next friday.

*We need to confirm this as soon as possible to save up as much as possible but the booking need a credit card holder to make all the confirmation.

*anytime for me to edit/enquiries/comments/complaint just give me comment or directly call/sms me

and for saturday 18Oct I already check and it cost around rm160 and rm140 for deluxe and standard.

prison break TSE -tortoises special edition

By yow yuen
received ah gan call and going to fetch him soon..

to be continue.....but at last didnt go fetch him also..sorry ya..

at nite went to his house to fix his bro waja out of battery

tis morning had wantan mee at ah weng..suprisingly , he is the 2nd person I saw when I wake up

sorry dailou , I found out ur place very far so I lazy to go d..

and today hot story about Joanni and someone who cursed topic here like the phantom of the opera novel..would they three involve in a love triangle?
just take it as "so wat" "why so serious huh?"

k..back to the topic tortoises are planning a prison break from their own tapoweh(sorry for spelling)

here some picture of their incomplete mission

my tortoise spy first before coming out ...lucky he/she got shell if not already RIP

ya..this is karma when they failed to runaway from my mighty tapoweh

my tortoises say "hallo" or "fuck u" to me?

but every nite sure got one of them escape..aiz..but within 1 minutes sure I can find back...tortoise ma...

ns gathering

By yow yuen
hi all , Just came back from NS gathering ....woohoo..this time finally girls more than guy .ya..but guess what , only 5 persons attended the gathering..

the person that is me , ah siang , tase li , wei teng and joey...three of them turn become very pretty d and taseli and joey totally looks charming tis afternoon , maybe since a year I didnt see her in real life.

Anything else? I lost on the way from Times Square back to my home.ya ,a reminder to ah gan , if you planning to use MRR1 to go back home from time square then after the U-turn , please take first junction to jalan tun razak and avoid the route we normally take.If not you will appear at RainTree building , and then Plaza Flamengo there*if my spelling is correct* . So if you read my blog for sure you learn something today.

So tomorrow I going to fetch this troublesome guy back and woah...I cannot breath after tomorrow...k see ya

UPDATE-Zhen just ask me want go eat kfc o not with huey yee? I guess they are going back normal d..haha

Special For you

By yow yuen
All I want is just to see you happy and smile.There is nothing greater than your smile and I would do anything to ensure that you will always happy and smile.Eventhough we cannot be together no matter for what reason , I would like to wish you the best and the moments with you will totally stick in my mind.

Your innocent face+sweet smile are one of the most beautiful scene in this world , without your smile , my world seems so dark and without guideness. I cant bear to see you cry and I am not willing to see others hurt you but I aint there to protect you.

As long you happy then I will feel the same too