ns gathering

By yow yuen
hi all , Just came back from NS gathering ....woohoo..this time finally girls more than guy .ya..but guess what , only 5 persons attended the gathering..

the person that is me , ah siang , tase li , wei teng and joey...three of them turn become very pretty d and taseli and joey totally looks charming tis afternoon , maybe since a year I didnt see her in real life.

Anything else? I lost on the way from Times Square back to my home.ya ,a reminder to ah gan , if you planning to use MRR1 to go back home from time square then after the U-turn , please take first junction to jalan tun razak and avoid the route we normally take.If not you will appear at RainTree building , and then Plaza Flamengo there*if my spelling is correct* . So if you read my blog for sure you learn something today.

So tomorrow I going to fetch this troublesome guy back and woah...I cannot breath after tomorrow...k see ya

UPDATE-Zhen just ask me want go eat kfc o not with huey yee? I guess they are going back normal d..haha

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