a day b4 penang

By yow yuen
Is been a long time since I update my blog..tomoro I will go penang with chee choong , dailou kang and jien..neither happy nor sad ..juz kinda emo

maybe it happen to me every year or maybe every sem holidays since all my fren back one by one..

hope I do enjoy my trip tomoro but being little fed up as I am the one who done everything for this trip..sigh..but it is ok since dailou and cc so support me to organise a trip to there..

wondering what will happen tomoro..I hope everything is ok during our journey as this is the first time I will drive so far and so long..

I will post some pic once i return from there and well...aiz...really dunno wat to say..

lonely nite , lonely valentine , lonely cny..perhaps it is time for me to fall in love again? but after I witnessed what happen on Jin and wendy I do really swt and need to rethink again ..haha

arghh..stress..and I can feel a big burden on my shoulder tomoro..I not really enjoy this feeling now..I miss my family alot ...although we live together but once I wake up, my parent all went work or other place..at nite, I rather yc with fren than watch tv with them..

I feel guilty especially when my dad want give me money just now..I cant accept it ..maybe u guys feel funny but ..I promise once I return I will acc my family more and help them..

I love my family and I love my frens but family always number 1 for me..I hope I will change and appreciate them more than my frens..

everything in my life juz too perfect and I appreciate and thanks to much to GOD for this all..