good bye Saturday

By yow yuen
Yesterday I go gym and swim with Simon spend some quality hour there and do some exercise..must keep fit d ..

after that go play dota use Simon with Jin Myvi@Simon housemate

use this hero

haha..but get owned by AI+


after that we went to Steven Corner yamcha with zhen,gan,4 bak jin,jin myvi,simon

zhen so happy because he eat free at there ..karma leh...aiz

after that me ,myvi jin and simon go round whole kl lar..then end up at ss2 murni..oh..havent close yet lar after been attack by newspaper..cham

here some picture from there

actually I also eat till sien liao and lazy to repeat same thing bout murni..something like mamak but not mamak and then many ppl..many lenlui lencai..many banana , many nice car , many foods..go google if want know more but definetly a place to try once if u visiting KL..go till sienzzzzzzzzzzzzzz d

after that we chat bout house mice ,cockroach,snake till 4.30am...reach home at 5am..sleep

Red Box the Garden and Capital Square

By yow yuen
weekend nite is back again and sorry for kept all my blog readers waiting..

This few weeks not really in mood to produce nice blog..ya.I am having some relationship problem that none of you all will know about it and of course it is over now and lets move on with our life.We lose something but we might gain something valuable in our life.

yesterday Friday Nite,the place I went to is Capital Square

some interesting thing I found there..their automatic door

what suprise me the door can function by open up the door when it senses some object within a distance.Same concept like we see in most of shopping mall but Capital Square concept is open up while the most shopping mall door are sliding automatically.So it is quite a nice and creative technology I discovered yesterday.

only one picture about capital square that I took yesterday.We went around 12am to there so it is close d and not really in mood to take photo that time.

the place was very close to KL tower where you can see a stick in sky when u look at the sky.

after that we went to The Garden Red Box to spend our Friday nite time.

cost around rm50 per person at there but sure we got some kang tao to make it cheaper ..hehe..rate the system and the design there..second to Pavilion red box plus..maybe it is quite new

I went back to Metroview and spend my nite there

woke up today morning and cook my fav mee as my breakfast..hungriezzz

thats all for this weekend friday nite and saturday morning :)

special credits to ah jin(simon housemate) for all this place.Not forget special thanks to Wendy for asking me to update my blog :D

come learn ABC-today is joke day

By yow yuen
Malaysia Joke(must watch)

learn ABC now..the producer is Namewee or Ming Chi that famous of Negarakuku

here the video..enjoy and share come comment and opinion here

African Joke

some of you should watch this video...class man...funny like hell for me..not offense to african but I know the reason why he so lonely..wakakaka

just a short video so dun hesitate to click there and listen to his song..plz ..

Currently I am crazy with David song ..crush ..nice ..I like this part

"I tried to walk away but i know this crush just aint go away-ay-ay"

lalalala *blasting my speaker

Quantum of Solace

By yow yuen

Just watched Quantum Of Solace yesterday with Gan and Wendy and Jin ..Quite an entertaining show with a promise of couple of actions scenes inside movie..not a bad idea for a rm12 show @ pavilion Hall 3.

For Simon,it is really a nice movie but too bad, u choose ur 7lou and dunwan us..

first time watch movie sit beside Wendy , but I didnt talk much with her , only talk with s0h@! gun that dunno the movie storyline..I dunwan later he spoil my mood with "ha mi storyline lai de?? very blur" statement, so I explain to him and he , oh , oh ,oh, oh ..

Meanwhile ,back to tat couple , Jin nearly fall asleep , what a shame u fall asleep to Daniel Craig???He was so cool...I take back my word , if I become gay I would choose him instead of chee choong..oh chee choong..dun cry ya

Today , go eat lunchie with zhen and tat couple ,eat the nasi putih with cabbage ,fried chicken cost me rm5.50 and teh o ice lemon rm1.50 ..after finish dinner straight head to uncle hing there de workshop to fix wira problem.

For all ur information ,the car will auto vibrate once I turn the stering,I just keep wondering and counting the day my tyre become it is very dangerous, end up I drive to Hing Ming there and wait at there for 2 choice lar..

so life goes wateva u no happy , then tell me..i got wateva nohappy , then I wish some of you reading this can find it out..I feel so malu if I need to tell the problem myself

halo khamis

By yow yuen
Just received call from streamyx that told me,my new house there will be a port for me.Happy or sad??

I just love my old house but it is okay since my old house to new house just around 10 minutes..what scare me is the society now..I cant really think who are telling the truth?

even from the call just now ,I can sense some lie and bullshitting..well..perhaps this is what happen into my life now..and thats why I am so depressed..

time will heal and I am trying my best to save money now..see ya

blogging is good for mental

By yow yuen
Bad day for me ,

stay Midnite from yesterday till 3am just to watch my football team match,end up I been called by my dream till remaining 10minutes of the game.The game end up 1-1 but what a lucky penalty for Liverpool.As Liverpool fan I dont think that was a challenge that deserve a penalty and I am not going to say Gerrard dives on that time.So just blame on the referee.

The weather today quite cool and relaxing, it is nice to see everyone is in good condition except Jien and me , still suffering from illness.Not much I can write here, if I am a gay , I think I will go for Chee Choong..nah..Just kidding only.

Sometimes I wondering why do homosexual do exist?I cant see anything nice at a guy part(maybe only mine not attractive) butt,I can imagine chee choong with dailou,it is awful and totally make me even sick.

Maybe I need turn to gay to know the feel being so gay.Apparently I saw quite nah pet in college.Wear tight pant and sometimes wear sunglasses. mood to continue d...have a nice day all

c ya

headache day and she will be loved

By yow yuen
Thanks to ah gan , simon and jin for dabao rice for me..headache today , probably rain tis afternoon after college or I was too miss chee choong??

I receive call from Ong , ya he say he want us to work for him during tis pc fair..with guarantee 200% 300% can work..hahaha..good..I think I got destiny with this legendary job lar..It is a fun and interesting job,cant wait for that day.

google day

By yow yuen

today topic is google vs ur name..see google really fancy ur name or not

samson tan will come out tis pic

alfred goh -

aaron gan -

chong kok ken -

christopher har -

simon teow -

as expected..char koay teow come out

zhen -

anson lim -

zakwan -

steven poh -

and finally , my name there and i put my name there + wife

tis is wat appear..i cant help with it..hope u all enjoy ya

Simon fren

By yow yuen
today whole day stay at home and go yamcha with gan and simon for around 4 hours outside...T_T

ok...the topic today is about I catch a Simon pet..without talking so much nonsense , here the picture of these superbug~

ok..dun bother the background as I am playing mIrc and cheating a 30years old guy there..hehe

cockroach being killed by me..wakakaka..

I dare Simon to do I accidentally eat the cockroach..taste not bad , just like tailou chicken rice

Will I become Roachman? I am scare because Simon wont be fren with me d T_T