By yow yuen
There are alot of things I want to blog about . I probably forget it someday if I decided not to put all the stuffs that happened recently here.The hebe incident , the tinghui joining the new gang exploring foods , watch movies and with his chap chengness .hehe..

I hope I have the commitment to survive here , typing all the stories that I like to express and telling it to everyone that care or interested with my blog =) so it is good to keep everything interesting , sorry for the blog design that kinda looks outdated =) I dont have the skills and patience like 3-4 years ago where I play with the widgets around the blog and the background pictures. I want to keep it as simple as I can because I prefer typing and sharing my stories more than showing you guys the picture I took.

Few more weeks , I will be in another state , another country , the thing that I cant let go , I hope I learn how to deal with it =) It is always my style to hide everything that happened inside my heart. It is not a good thing because it can attacks me or make me painful everytime I think bout it , I can cheat buddha or anyone but with myself , I just failed to do it.

I am saving this in draft because I want to keep this blog alive with at least a post in a week=) so stay tune for my blog ya.



By yow yuen
Not too long before I start another post here. I did finished up my resume for 4 pages long last Monday. Amazing that I did it in one day time. Well , the progress now is chasing one girl that I dont really know what she is thinking. Thinking to confess to her but I knew I did indirectly confess to her in message or face to face. She is kinda shy and quiet , so sometimes I am really wondering what is playing in her mind.Nevertheless I will try my best and live with no regret. Went to swim today in ah boy house. Resulting in quite serious flu and I went up to Night market as well in Sri Rampai. Not a bad one compared to the last time I visit where I only drop by for my apam balik. haha.. kinda funny because I have one kind of obsession towards apam balik since I am back here from UK. Bought my new swimming trunk or should I call it swimming pant ? Cost me rm55..kinda tight and I hope I can maintain my size now so I wont feel wasted in buying so tight swimming trunk/pant. That is all for today , I will be back soon if I got the mood to write down more and more. Life is changing so fast and I would really envy the last year me or even laugh at him. Time changes people.