v....ma king

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there was a new fast food restaurant open nxt to shahmeera..forgot the name coz I took the pic yesterday..was in the car that time..

this restaurant trying to become like burger king..hope the price will be more reasonable

hope got free refill lar ..haha

travel to 4 seasons place

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Today was quite happy because ah gan treat me drink

you all must wondering why leh?

haha..here is the reason

ah gan forgot to turn off the lamp and result his car cant be start.So he call me and ask for my help.

after that he want to treat me and I suggest we go to 4Season Restaurant..If I not mistaken the name.

here some food from there.What I can say the environment is superb.Really nice and looks really comfortable.The restaurant contains of 4 season elemnet tat is summer,winter,autumn and spring..haha..I not very sure bout this

so we sat on summer part coz we got smoking fren.

here some picture taken from there

the fan looks nice .leaves as fan and nice lamp also

this one is season fried rice rm12.Ah gan eat one

this one is smoked duck with yam..haha..not really nice In my opinion

this is my drink ..sumthing sour+sweet with dunno wat syrup

this is simon drink
vanilla+kiwi+red bean

ah gan said "very expensive ar" coz he treat us

kekeke..and THANKS TO MR GAN


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do anyone of you feel very hot today? Just freaking hot lar today..at my house now also hot like hell..aiz..dunno wat I can do..feel want swim but pool already closed..so bad

here the view outside my room window..HOT


Sungai Sendat Update

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What is ur reaction if u see this?

Simon Teow pretend hard to act like Jay Chou but failed

This is wat happen if Simon Teow act cool-ed..I am laughing also tat time

Simon Teow tried again to act cool and more serious.

But he also laugh himself at last.

Perhentian Trip Plan

By yow yuen

DESCRIPTION ( Arrival time is flexible)
Day 1
8:00 AM
Arrive at Kuala Besut.Breakfast .( By your own expense )

9:00 AM
Take boat to Pulau Perhentian

9:40 AM
Arrive at Pulau Perhentian.

12:30 PM
Lunch .

2:00 PM
Snorkeling Trip (2 :45PM on Friday)

5:30 PM
Go back to Resort.

7:00 PM
Dinner .

At night
Own activity.
Day 2
8:00 AM

9:00 AM
Go to Lang Tengah & Pulau Redang.

9:30 AM
Snorkeling at Lang Tengah.

12:30 PM
Snorkeling & lunch at Redang.

4:00 PM
Return to Pulau Perhentian.

7:30 PM
Dinner .
Day 3
8:00 AM

**** TOUR END ****
a) Transport :Speed boat .
b) Accommodation:Resort (Every room has an attached bathroom and is equipped with electricity)
c) Ex Kuala Besut : Boat to Perhentian,LangTengah, Redang,snorkeling trip, accommodation,
d) Organizer has the right to change the programmed.
e) Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Extra Mattress : RM20/night.
**Note : All other expenses will be on tourists own. Tourists should take care of their own safety -------
------- YOUR OWN RISK ! **
Snorkel, Mask and life jacket ( for swimming)are provided.
*Fishing trip & diving trip can be arranged with extra charge*
Conservation fee RM5/person will be paid by customer (to protect the
corals & will be collected by government official)

YY price-rm350 exclude the transport to there

take airasia flight rm130 for 2 ways from KL to Kota Bharu


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Just back from yamcha with Simon and Gan.

Watching Liverpool vs Aston Villa tat time.Kudos to liverpool for won the game by 5-0

then suddenly we talk bout LEHER in hokkien is call ang moh kun ..mean Leher or neck.

So the story goes like this.

ang moh = foreigner(mostly refer to those european ppl)

kun = batang

maybe foreigner batang is big so we call ang moh kun as neck in hokkien.

Astro Star Quest-here the candicates from DTE

By yow yuen

Gan-I open the door or door open itself..

Simon-Remember buy toto..0798
Jin-Walao,suddenly kutu attack
Gan-Kapping Lui

Jin-Very hungry~
Simon-I am the next star Simon Teow

"apa lanjiao now?,you say I cannot sing lar..ok..",said Simon after the audition end.

Simon Senyum-ing Kambing..hehehe..

Under construction-updated-done

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running out of idea on what should I do with this blog template..after that I decide to go back to old skol style where for u guys to access..just want to make my blog not tat laggy

yy proposal part 3

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this is part 3 of yy proposal

so if u are boring with those stupid waterfall place then take a look at my part 3 proposal

Jelita Ostrich Farm is located less than 30mins from Seremban town center...

It holds the Malaysian Guiness Book of Records for being the 1st Ostrich Show Farm in Malaysia,opened in 1998.

Ostrich Egg VS. 20cent Coin!
Ostrich eggs is deemed to be the biggest egg in the world.

If you can see clearly, I've compared the egg to a 20cent coin. See the difference?!

Another way of comparing this egg is with the smallest bird egg which the Bee Hummingbird. You can actually place 4700 bee hummingbird's egg into ONE OSTRICH EGG!

Another fun fact of The Giant Vs. The Tiny!

Ostrich Egg - 3.3pounds
Bee Hummingbird Egg - 0.2ounce.

I even stepped on top of the egg and well, nothing happened!

Think I've made it clear on how "sturdy" this egg is!

the thing to eat there

Part 3.1



why I say so?

just take a look at those picture

the place is near to semenyih..my nottingham fren know how to go..but no ngam me since i no have those rm1k camera

yy proposal part 2

By yow yuen
this is me again..

this is the 2nd location if we want to go

To visit the Gabai Falls, first you have to go to Ulu Langat, a small village which can be reached from Cheras or Ampang.
Next you follow the road to Kg Pangsun for about 7 km until Batu 18 where you turn right.
After 6 km you will see the signboard for the Falls.
Turn left and follow the road until the carpark.
From the carpark it is not far to the first cascade.
This cascade is tall but not very steeply inclined.
Visitors can find a nice place on the rocks and enjoy their bath with jacuzzi.

Sungai Pisang

this one is really challenging as we need to do some really amazon style jungle trekking before reach the waterfall

the good news is there will be alot leeches..lintah

..coming soon is yy proposal for this coming may holiday..stay tune

yy proposal Part 1

By yow yuen
This is my proposal for this coming weekend Saturday


Ulu Yam is a main town in Selangor, Malaysia. It is famous for its lor mee (or noodles in thick soya gravy), and is especially popular among residents of nearby Kuala Lumpur.Ulu Yam, about an hour and a half drive from Puchong.

From Kuala Lumpur, head towards Batu Caves, look for signboard to Ulu Yam.

From smoky downtown Kuala Lumpur to bustling Batu Caves, once you hit the hilly terrain towards Ulu Yam town, you will be treated with amazing view of Ulu Yam lake, one of the main water reservoirs for the Klang Valley.

The road access is excellent, there are plenty of resting spots by the lake, and a few amazing vista points which provide a good bird's eye view of the whole lake. There are a few eco-tourism resorts here too.

Not far off from the city and yet offers peace and serenity.

yy plan

Plan A-complicated but interesting
-we go play waterfall
-then BBQ there
-play at the water side
-pay visit to ulu yam restaurant

Plan B-fast and simple
-go to ULU YAM dam there and fishing or just lepaking
-go to ULU YAM restaurant
-go home after that

Plan C-not fast but furious
-we go play waterfall
-we go bbq and sambil tat we try fishing
-we go ULU YAM restaurant
-we didnt go to tat dam place
-go home after that

this is the dam

I dunno the aunty one..here is the waterfall

waterfall also..

so here part 1 of yy proposal

ya..forget to mention budget..one ppl rm20 for transport and rm10 if want bbq

and tis is the food i always mention in front my fren..call coconut prawns..very delicious one i tell u