friday 12.6.2009

By yow yuen
Today morning I skip materials class at 8am.Well ,I only manage to wake up at 7.55am and I give up to go the class after that since it is only replacement and I still got lab at 9am.

After that,I didnt continue to sleep but prepare for my lab later ,arrange my files and notes everything, iron my shirt,something that I didnt do last time.Take a look at the window and haze is coming.Hope everyone drink more water.

9am go to lab in front of PA Block.Material engineering lab.Been placed in group 3 with Simon,P'ng and Yasmin.Lucky P'ng got experience last time, he taught us what to do.At last we need to measure the thing.I am not quite sure measure what but all the machines were spoiled by P'ng today,not him spoil la just the thing didnt work.All equipment inside was like stolen from museum.

Mr Yeoh absent today.He going to practical and next week he wont come and teach us for one week due to some practical.It might not be a good news as Mr Yeo for surely will replace all the class on next next week.After that I saw Kevin at Block H.He greet me and Simon , we chat for a while and after college I call him to yamcha at Pan Mee place next to GK Tbun.

Nothing special today as the special thing is we taunt Purple in lecture hall by calling ban siong name.Suprisingly she did notice about the 'gelaran' we gave her.
Well, I am to lazy to take any picture to put in my blog as I enjoy reading and I hope all my reader can bear with my bloken manglish.I am trying hard to improve my english and hope I can speak well as I notice ,my grammar is getting bad and bad.
Maybe I should spend 5 minutes per day to write something on my blog and I really hope u guys can put some comment here.I will surely reply ur comment on the nxt day.

to Ah Kang, I try to get Exora picture by tonite.

to Kevin, thanks for the meal tonite and dun simply spend money lar.I say u coz I care bout u..haha..fren 4ever

signing out-yow yuen

thursday 11.June.2009

By yow yuen
This blog is the place for me to rant or express anything.You guys can always add a comment for me as I will 100% reply back.

Today as usual,I attend class at 9am for C++ until 11am

after tat went gate 3 to have my breakfast..not long after that we attend MissNg mechanic subject...quite tough and Jien Fong Fei Kei me.I didnt ask him why and I hope he is fine but from my experience,he still sleeping that time.

The funny thing today is we watch ghost movie at DK there.Picture is with Anson and alhamdulilah,I will upload it later.Alhamdulilah = hopefully.I already ask my malay friend that alim,they say alhamdulilah didnt bring any other meaning beside hopefully in Arab.

We watch ghost movie and quite enjoy until the security came and told us to switch off pc.Nevermind,there still a chance next week and Andy already asking me what movie should he put nxt week.

after that we got materials lecture from 5.30pm-7.30pm.It is like tradition now that Dte will sit at the back in the lecture hall.I took this chance to help Ban Siong write a letter to Purple@his dream girl who study in DEL2.

The letter as I can remember is quite funny.Simon didnt have the ball to pass the letter to Purple.At last I thought Wilson got the ball to pass the letter..Mana tau,he hide behind door and call Sok Fan@another DEL girl that quite close to Cheryl and our course.

To chee choong,he called me for several times today,I would like to apologise bcoz I am having my lecture at that time and I hope you can find ur atm.To dailou,he ffk me today but it is ok since I am going to JPJ to help my dad renew roadtax.

After that ,Anson ask me a favor to fetch him go to Steven Hotspot and before we reach there , we enjoy our dinner at somewhere nasilemak at Danau Kota.Nasi lemak not bad but quite expensive IMO.I tambah nasi,a spoon of kerang@siham,and a fried chicken already cost around rm6.50.haha.Thanks to Anson for my dinner tonight.

I enjoy having lecture everyday as Anson quite funny in class.I know I am more funny than him but his face expression especially when sleeping really beh tahan to smile or laugh.

Although we are 10ppl in all but so far everything is going so well and hope we all can graduate together.Help each other is the key to our success.I try my best to wake Anson and Simon from sleeping and at the same time concentrate on my study.

To ah gan,if you reading this, I will upload Exora photo tomorrow.Dont worry, there still plenty time for me but I think cant wait until you come back.haha

thats all for today,

signing out~yow yuen


By yow yuen
there been 3 months since last time I update my blog..the really reason I not feel to update it is because I am not patient enough to upload picture to my blog (streamyx sux and I dun have a good camera)

Is been a tired-ing day since the day I been upgrade to 2nd year.Alot things happen in this past 3months.Trip,Terengganu,Redang,Simon ,Gan , all my DTE coursemate and ex coursemates..I appreciate ur guys present so much.Without you guys , I probably entering world of work in one of company here.

I am not a good blogger and can write long long post unless I am really emo or I am quite boring and tired,I start to feel the pressure now and I know I have to start to deliver something this year.I cant afford to waste another year without doing anything.

For my friends, for my family and for myself ,I will try my best to not sleep in lecturer hall and focus on study.Maybe this sound funny, I always thought study is way easier than work but sometimes you just really cant control over the sleepiness that produce by our lecturer.Is not the lecturer boring,just how the lecturer present the subject and the contents of the subject.

I wish I can go somewhere peaceful like in China here.I try my best to update my blog everyday

the water was so clear that we can see shadow of the mountain