By yow yuen
there been 3 months since last time I update my blog..the really reason I not feel to update it is because I am not patient enough to upload picture to my blog (streamyx sux and I dun have a good camera)

Is been a tired-ing day since the day I been upgrade to 2nd year.Alot things happen in this past 3months.Trip,Terengganu,Redang,Simon ,Gan , all my DTE coursemate and ex coursemates..I appreciate ur guys present so much.Without you guys , I probably entering world of work in one of company here.

I am not a good blogger and can write long long post unless I am really emo or I am quite boring and tired,I start to feel the pressure now and I know I have to start to deliver something this year.I cant afford to waste another year without doing anything.

For my friends, for my family and for myself ,I will try my best to not sleep in lecturer hall and focus on study.Maybe this sound funny, I always thought study is way easier than work but sometimes you just really cant control over the sleepiness that produce by our lecturer.Is not the lecturer boring,just how the lecturer present the subject and the contents of the subject.

I wish I can go somewhere peaceful like in China here.I try my best to update my blog everyday

the water was so clear that we can see shadow of the mountain

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  1. samson June 10, 2009 at 10:20 PM
    work wat la work, study 1st la.. ask kang wack u if u sleep laaaa.. wats more important than getting a cert b4 work.. not like u cant do it, already half way there. u will b working for the rest of ur life.. by then u wont b hving gd time enjoying ur life. except the point tat u r a workaholic..

    btw only dirty river reflects, clear water = see thru = no reflection
  2. Vinss June 11, 2009 at 4:01 AM
    wow... yy... welcome back...
    add oil add oil...
  3. yow yuen June 11, 2009 at 9:55 PM
    thanks for positive feedback my friends or my bro..thanks

    i am not a workaholic as u know me so long d...

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