yy proposal part 3

By yow yuen
this is part 3 of yy proposal

so if u are boring with those stupid waterfall place then take a look at my part 3 proposal

Jelita Ostrich Farm is located less than 30mins from Seremban town center...

It holds the Malaysian Guiness Book of Records for being the 1st Ostrich Show Farm in Malaysia,opened in 1998.

Ostrich Egg VS. 20cent Coin!
Ostrich eggs is deemed to be the biggest egg in the world.

If you can see clearly, I've compared the egg to a 20cent coin. See the difference?!

Another way of comparing this egg is with the smallest bird egg which the Bee Hummingbird. You can actually place 4700 bee hummingbird's egg into ONE OSTRICH EGG!

Another fun fact of The Giant Vs. The Tiny!

Ostrich Egg - 3.3pounds
Bee Hummingbird Egg - 0.2ounce.

I even stepped on top of the egg and well, nothing happened!

Think I've made it clear on how "sturdy" this egg is!

the thing to eat there

Part 3.1



why I say so?

just take a look at those picture

the place is near to semenyih..my nottingham fren know how to go..but no ngam me since i no have those rm1k camera

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  1. Anonymous March 24, 2009 at 6:29 PM
    Deng just go la =D No need chun chun camera one waste time only.

    If you get a chun camera go there again lor, big deal haha. =D

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