Quantum of Solace

By yow yuen

Just watched Quantum Of Solace yesterday with Gan and Wendy and Jin ..Quite an entertaining show with a promise of couple of actions scenes inside movie..not a bad idea for a rm12 show @ pavilion Hall 3.

For Simon,it is really a nice movie but too bad, u choose ur 7lou and dunwan us..

first time watch movie sit beside Wendy , but I didnt talk much with her , only talk with s0h@! gun that dunno the movie storyline..I dunwan later he spoil my mood with "ha mi storyline lai de?? very blur" statement, so I explain to him and he , oh , oh ,oh, oh ..

Meanwhile ,back to tat couple , Jin nearly fall asleep , what a shame u fall asleep to Daniel Craig???He was so cool...I take back my word , if I become gay I would choose him instead of chee choong..oh chee choong..dun cry ya

Today , go eat lunchie with zhen and tat couple ,eat the nasi putih with cabbage ,fried chicken cost me rm5.50 and teh o ice lemon rm1.50 ..after finish dinner straight head to uncle hing there de workshop to fix wira problem.

For all ur information ,the car will auto vibrate once I turn the stering,I just keep wondering and counting the day my tyre become 2..so it is very dangerous, end up I drive to Hing Ming there and wait at there for 2 hours..no choice lar..

so life goes on..got wateva u no happy , then tell me..i got wateva nohappy , then I wish some of you reading this can find it out..I feel so malu if I need to tell the problem myself

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  1. samson November 9, 2008 at 10:17 AM

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