come learn ABC-today is joke day

By yow yuen
Malaysia Joke(must watch)

learn ABC now..the producer is Namewee or Ming Chi that famous of Negarakuku

here the video..enjoy and share come comment and opinion here

African Joke

some of you should watch this video...class man...funny like hell for me..not offense to african but I know the reason why he so lonely..wakakaka

just a short video so dun hesitate to click there and listen to his song..plz ..

Currently I am crazy with David song ..crush ..nice ..I like this part

"I tried to walk away but i know this crush just aint go away-ay-ay"

lalalala *blasting my speaker

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  1. yow yuen November 9, 2008 at 3:41 PM
    I LOL at G for GAN

    GAN NI NA BU ..


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