good bye Saturday

By yow yuen
Yesterday I go gym and swim with Simon spend some quality hour there and do some exercise..must keep fit d ..

after that go play dota use Simon with Jin Myvi@Simon housemate

use this hero

haha..but get owned by AI+


after that we went to Steven Corner yamcha with zhen,gan,4 bak jin,jin myvi,simon

zhen so happy because he eat free at there ..karma leh...aiz

after that me ,myvi jin and simon go round whole kl lar..then end up at ss2 murni..oh..havent close yet lar after been attack by newspaper..cham

here some picture from there

actually I also eat till sien liao and lazy to repeat same thing bout murni..something like mamak but not mamak and then many ppl..many lenlui lencai..many banana , many nice car , many foods..go google if want know more but definetly a place to try once if u visiting KL..go till sienzzzzzzzzzzzzzz d

after that we chat bout house mice ,cockroach,snake till 4.30am...reach home at 5am..sleep

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