streamyx sux

By yow yuen
Updating my blog in Tbun wangsa maju..ya it is really moody day for me

I really speechless when get to know Zhen neighbour the aunty de punya daughter will getting marry soon..Fyi(for u all fucking ppl information) her daughter already pregnant and according to my close source , her stomach quite big d and estimate to deliver next anyone wanna make a prediction here?plz do it in my comment space there.

ya.I getting upset with our country main ISP, just look at the way they manage their customer right, I never been informed that my area will be affected..just call this morning and wat they told me is they are updating fiber optic first answer is a big "SO?"

ya..really ruin out my whole weekend program now as I am planning to spend the whole saturday with my beloved pc ..but it seems useless now without internet..sorry ya

what I am trying to do now is went to tbun and update my blog and chat with my frens..I seriously need a social life and I am going for my dinner...tata

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