By yow yuen
Announcement to all Dte guys..

okay..We are coming up with gathering at genting and the price I get from the website is as below


click picture to enlarge it

so here calculation if we take the deluxe room rm78.80x2(rooms)

=rm157.6 +(rm15.20x10)

=rm309.6 so divide by I assume 10 ppls going so rm31 per person not include food,entertainment

but bear in mind , we all get a deluxe room which slightly bigger and bit more comfortable

the purpose I click on tuesday is because SOT school are enjoying holidays on that day and this is only idea from me and not confirm yet


click picture to enlarge it

as you all can see from my printscreen image,price to genting on next friday the cheapest we can get is rm88.80 and the deluxe one is rm98.80 and as usual, I like to count on bigger amount.

so rm98.80 x 2
=197.6 +(rm15.20x10)
=rm349.60 rm35 per person not including meal and entertainment

*2 rooms mean 4 breakfast for those early bird and priority been given to Jien,Kok Ken and Zakwan..since we want ah gan to diet so the breakfast will go to ah poh(in case ahpoh not there the replacement give to yy)

*theme park hotel are fully book on both next monday and next friday.

*We need to confirm this as soon as possible to save up as much as possible but the booking need a credit card holder to make all the confirmation.

*anytime for me to edit/enquiries/comments/complaint just give me comment or directly call/sms me

and for saturday 18Oct I already check and it cost around rm160 and rm140 for deluxe and standard.

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  1. aarongan October 9, 2008 at 10:34 PM
    celaka u apa on diet , i anything de just when also can no idea

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