By yow yuen
song I found out from youtube..quite nice..Made by Malaysian..malaysia boleh~!!

Honestly,what is the color of your
> semi naked
2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
> finish this blog and do revision bout basic electronic..dun laugh ar
3. Honestly, what are you doing right
> now i tengah mandi while doing tis all k?
4. Honestly, have you done something
bad today?
> today bad thing ar...erm..go play cc and keep kill chee choong and jien
5. Honestly, do you watch cartoons?
> mr bean animated
6. Honestly, who is the last person
you talked to on the phone?
7. Honestly, are you jealous of
someone right now?
> i jealous-ing bill money
8. Honestly, what makes you mad most
of the time?
> when the things doesnt work as what i plan
9. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
> no bites..suck only
10. Honestly, you wish you lived in...
> cemerlang height
11. Honestly, do you want to see
someone this very moment?
> yea..i wish to see her now
12. Honestly, do you have a friend
that you really don’t like?
> no fren all yong sui so I not really care bout them except her
13. Honestly, do you like/love someone?
>ya..i love miss yy
Anger Section
1. What do you do when you get mad?
> one word C!b@!
2. What's the worst thing you've done
when you were mad?
> diam diam lar..act cool ma...
3. Ever made anyone cry when you were
> i think huey yee kua ...
Crying Section
1. Honestly, when's the last time you
> last year kua...william make me cry
2. Ever cried yourself to sleep?
> i only need 10 seconds to get through into my dream
3. Do certain songs make you cry?
> yup
4. Who usually makes you cry?
> aizzzz...
5. What do you do when you're sad?
>apa lagi kan mr gan
1. Is there someone right now, that
could do something to make you happy?
>give me rm100
2. Who can make you happy?
> my 7 lou
3. Does being with your friends make
you happy?
> sometimes only lar
4. So are you happy?
walao..u say leh..answer this survey in toilet happy o not
5. are you happy in answering this
> quite happy lar..if not later tis survey creator bo shiok

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  1. Slackyguy June 24, 2008 at 8:34 PM
    harlo Mr YY..
    sibeh ho liao ah u create this survey..
    only yourself might answer it..
  2. zhentasy June 24, 2008 at 9:17 PM
    si peh sohai leh this survey form,the ppl who answer is also quite sohai***

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