End of June-Accident Day

By yow yuen
Topic I will put in my blog today is about accident..what really you all do if somebody crash your car while you was driving?

ya..leave comment here and I try my best to guide you all..because the procedure can consider as very mf(mafan)

To officer Zulkifli and other Mr.Perut Buncit...plz plz plz...respect yourself and respect the taxpayer...who on earth will go to find you all if they crappy government and stupid law told us to do so.If u dont like your job just express it or rant with your boss..we as taxpayer..even not taxpayer but as a son to the Malaysia taxpayer didnt deserve all those kind rubbish service..

I wont disclose much bout this matter just as an impression for me that all police is dirty..ya..I assume it is that and so far it is a reality..

back to topic..gan accident..and u all can go his blog for more info..

some picture for you all bout this accident..I try put in next post coz I know some of you will surely close the window if without all those interesting picture..so c ya

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