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By yow yuen
Still no pictures from me..haha , I am too lazy to plug my phone and copy all those pictures from my phone to pc. Even I dont bother to custom-roming my notes and just let it be like that. I am totally using this expensive gadjet to finish up naruto's Back to today , yesterday had a great match against sudoku. We went to play fifa11 for 3 nites streak. Wow..just went v2 there only la since familiar with the place ady. Watching sudoku losing his temper is funny when he is blaming messi or ronaldo or any players for his mistake. haha, it is just a game and well maybe for him this is a way to release those stress and temper. Hope I can make it to the 'trip' that invited by kaibin. Paiseh to him coz he invited me long time ago but I am still trying to find the $$ and time to fit few of us go there coz if want go enjoy sure go together with the gang ma. Same like last time my gang went out in early sunday morning for delicious breakfast. So miss that time =) happy and relax only. Finally went to tm and cut my house number. Well , the only fren tat will call my house's phone and looking for me is sudoku. I dont get how he managed to get my house's number but dont bother him la. hehe. Clear off my digi bill as well today , doing some financial calculation for the trip and uk one. Next one , I will put more pictures ..hoho

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