Saturday nite

By yow yuen
It is time for some blogging , Have a good saturday nite and managed to win against sudoku in fifa11 matches.Tag teaming with simon and play against sudoku , managed to win few matches and ok la..not bad . Just feel that sudoku is not that good in fifa compare to last time or I am getting better and better..haha. suddenly feel like blogging after finish my breakfast in May King, the chilies are superbly spicy and I can see even my parent cant tahan . haha , their face already betray themselves. Not much to blog but this few days ok la , having a great conversation with sudoku , gan and simon on friday nite. It was a good one and I think I should have a different mindset..thanks to all of them for all the guidances.They definitely know me well and thanks for their concern. Today , planning to go kenanga there see yan yi ge at 3pm but the time i am blogging now is 2.22pm..dont feel like going anywhere since at nite I might joining willy at piccadily coz he bought 4 vouchers from mydeal for beer tower promotion. That is all for today and Barcelona lose to Real Madrid by 2-1 in Nou , I can sense that majority of Barca haters come from Manu fans ,for me I am more neutral and I use Real Madrid team to play in fifa12. I dont really care bout it since I am not following la liga so much =)

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