By yow yuen

I know this one is a old news but still classic joke wat...well between my two frens thats was a' sweet couple ' ..haha..dun laugh and alway believe in KARMA~!!!!!!! i go petaling street
the curve
picture take by ah chin...i dun like ppl play with my camera..choi ar..i am lanci and kiam ??? nxt time dun need ask u go d if say me kiam siap...oi brother..burglarisme is spell like this leh..plz use dictionary...

to niama punya ah gan.

dun think i dunno wat u do lar..malou ah...want play is it? we play kaw kaw one ar..ok? hahaha

today I kena ah chin punya ultimate..alway keep say du dia..malou ah...walao..this thing is like sars..can so fast go through to my mind and poison my mind too..aiz..wat to do...

to ah chin,
send to me the picture..i lazy tulis blog only reach 40 members bz

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  1. Slackyguy March 21, 2008 at 2:37 AM
    OI!!plz la u go check properly la!wahlao eh...dont simply say me wrong!!mine 1 only correct ok bo?!!

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