today is monday but tis blog is about sunday

By yow yuen

hihi..long time no c liao very bz..finally my forum reach 30ppl liao..damn happy lar..tat why i go celeb with ah chin and ah ping juz bout tis i boh song lou ah..i order chicken feet,kambing punya daging, and tat babi hutan masak kari..nice wat but tat CB Chin only eat the babi hutan curry...

talk bout curry tis morning juz go wangsa maju eat rm5 punya economy rice..rm5 call economy ar??walao eh..even at labuan also dun need so expensive lor...sienzz..labuan kia so good me and ask me wat i want when he reach kl..sure got something need me help..hey CB Gan , you think yy materialistic lou ah..alway think i person like tat..i very long u nice to me then i nice to you lar..

talk bout ah gan leh..i want mention bout ur car..tat CB chin and ah ping go play ur see i so honest only tell you..if other ppl..diao u also crazy..

sienzz..still dunawn sleep coz know tomoro class is 9am..juz finish sms with little happy..first time chat with little A until so long..

talk bout food leh..after tat i go genting klang eat sai mai lou lor..nice ma..rm1.80 nia..wah..then go eat 2 cucuk si ham in english call delicious de food he call cock ar..

talk bout cock i remember ah chin say his bird is pink colour and mine is maroon and his lanjiao got wat different leh..why one pink and one maroon..aiz

talk bout lanjiao leh, i remember kuok zhen diao huey yee funny..lucky i got save the picture..upload soon..ah zhen also sohai ..aiz..both also sohai..

so far till now..ya ..malou ah ahchin, you dun think i dunno ur blog lar..u kira clever disable comment if not u sure kena from me..use my name kena ask my ©..

burglarisme betol ur eyes nxt time..and tomoro accompany me go fetch tat CB gan ok?

terima kasih

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