the day I scare to capture graveyard scene

By yow yuen
my new futsal shoes
hi all,

so long didnt update my blog liao..aiz..lazy lar..even my forum now also i less diao it..pointless..exam coming soon..

about today,I went cheng beng at kuala khubu bharu this morning...aiz..sleep 3 hours enough..1 and half hour journey from kl to the kkb usual..reach there sure meet with my relative that share same surname..haha..but i not really close with them..somemore i dunno how speak usual ..biasa the eldest cucu have to do everything..haiz..tired cham..but i cant let my dad and mom do also ma do only until 11am..then back home..around 1pm CBG(c*baiGan) come fetch me go kuai leh fetch me go along with CBJ(dun need explain lor tis one)go there..aiz buy new at little taiwan ..spend around also JCO doughnut..and also buy a new i got 3 shoes now..lanci u all ..

oklar..i very lazy to type..want go watch crunchyroll ..

tats all for today and greet everyone tat read my blog..i really sorry coz didnt update it

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  1. Anonymous April 9, 2008 at 9:51 PM
    Waa your forum you don't want to care ady... Lol

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