sunday again

By yow yuen is sunday..

i not really fell want write blog yesterday..despite i am busy looking for the election result..maybe i quite shock with the area or yy territory at last fall to the may not be a bad things but so far I hardly can see wat my new YB can do here..Yb Wee Chee Keong..anyway congratulation to you as I can see the way you gave speech near my house..It quite interesting and able to move me up from my computer table..

about yesterday I went to the forum gathering and meet some online frens..they was so cool and friendly..but as usual i will act like budak baik first and dun talk so much rubbish..they really cool and i show some picture later if still available..

one more thing i want to mention is I would like to thanks my senior Mr Steven Poh Cheng Haw ..if not because he accompany me I think I will slept in Mid Valley Parking..

ya oh..until now I havent post the kuching sorry..but I need go BRJ yamcha d..and might get some picture from my fav lepak place...ya

so see u all..take care and have a nice day...

consolation to Datuk Yew Teong already try your best .. and you already serve the best but the people in Wangsa Maju have spoken..


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