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By yow yuen

from left-
*King of ML(marlboro light,ma lou)-Aaron Gan Cheng Hap
aka useless printing manager-Labuan Kia
*King of En Dao-Ng Yow Yuen
Great Treasurer of DTE-KL lencai
*King Of Scholar-Tan Chee Choong
Never Say Foul Language-Puchong Smart Student
*King Of Telekom-Zakwan
Never Wear Helmet When Go Back -TBR anak taukeh
*King Of Make Love-Lim Kuok Zhen
Dream Make Love But Never Get Kastam Cop-Baling sex maniac
*King Of Long Hair-Chong Kok Ken
Never Shower In Morning-Subang Rempit
*King Of Blurness-Har Hou Jien
His eyes tell all bout him = =-He Love Kuantan
*King Of Dailou-Goh Kok Chuan
his favourite story is about monkey-Monkey like live in Maluri
*King Of everywhere Also Bed-Lim Khong Guan
The Most Experienced and Most laoya-Ampang Yong Taufu
*King Of Tangachi-Yasmin
which Tarc Indian dunno tis hot black chick-Batu Caves Wa Tan Hor
*King Of LPPL-Steven Poh
Brother to Steven Lim,Steven Corner,Master Of Talk Cock and Last Generation Of Kungfu Panda-Kemaman,China,Genting Court
DTE 1 2007

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