Friday Life

By yow yuen
Didnt know that this friday will be that boring..Wondering what am I doing in library...neither I am sleeping nor studying so I decide to online and update my blog..

Far from my impression , getting sienz with library d..but some of them really enjoy being at library..I with Simon just now and now he going to attend HE lecture.I not in pc near the discussion room but on the LowerGround of library the one still with CRT..for those who always come library sure know where it is located.

War between Anwar and Najib is getting me excited every morning..well after this I guess I will logging to anwar website to check out wha happening..

This morning just go to SSL have my breakfast..tomyam pan mee..maybe I should do like ah gan..list out all my daily expense and compare it...then I should know which one is necessary and not important one.

tat's all until today and I think will update it again tonite.thanks zhentasy for the comment and thanks for supporting..I begin to love blogging..dunno why but I feel best everytime I express c ya

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