Thursday Life

By yow yuen
Since someone request me to type something happen in my life so I do it here..

well yesterday no current..until zhen house c!ba! Jin lor..then he no answer..then ah siong call me say yamcha..but he tergagap gagap cant decide either is Taj or Steven..then ah qin fetch them lor..

Ah Qin is officially break up with his gf..but I dunwan kepoh lar since not my business or who am I to stop story like that..go Taj lor..then 3 o clock go back home and try sleep ..Cant sleep last nite..thinking of that Lucifer to farm what then tiba-tiba..gua tertidur d..haha..

okok..error 404 not funny ..I know..

so after tat wake up at 7.30..ti o o(in hokkien mean sky is getting dark)then think think dunwan go lab lar...better wake up at 9 something go breakfast with gan and the rest.9.30 wake up lor..walao..raining pulak tu...sienzz..want go back and sleep but cant la..must got prinsip one..1 is 1 and never be shower and go gate 3 there meet them nasi lemak ayam with one telur goreng rm4..lazy take picture juz imagine or go try urself at gate 3 ah Qin..u say want call me but no call..I also know lar..raining very nice to sleep ma..

So after tat very cold lor..niama ar..whole day like at cool and seram seram feeling...go library lepak and read newspaper lor..then meet ah yao..he tell me some personal problem and need my I am waiting his call also..hope he no call me lar..coz I also dunwan create trouble..but fren is fren..and I mean it..FREN FOREVER..but hutang still hutang YY can hurt relationship..

talk bout this then I remember who else still hutang me..sudoku lar..rm50..but nvm..wait 12th gathering ask dunwan out of topic like wat c!bai jin do in his english exam..i straight go into my life today..

after tat lepak library , go clubhouse acc yao makan...then go jalan jalan..cibai simon come pulak..but nvm lar..see he so yong sui also happy d..sorry yar simon..i know u no internet so u wont know i say u yong sui publicly..then i ask him want go play futsal ma?he ok then i ok lor..go his house then go my house change pant..after tat go play at college lor with zakwan..

both of them anak telekom and both of them refuse to help me settle streamyx bill..fuk..aiz..tis is wat we call fren after tat damn tired after futsal and go lepak a while at simon house..then go back makan and on9..and typing tis..juz finish the drama..quite nice about play ass one...I juz know tat old ppl especially the one who play politic also like to play fun meh? tis one need ask ah gan coz he specialist in this choice..later say I no put ur name in my blog then u no happy pulak..

I know kuok zhen sure read my blog ..thanks for reading and thanks for spending time with what I rant today..nothing special lar..juz a normal day for a normal person..

one more thing is I enable comment u all no need log in also can give apa lagi..ramai ramai come and give comment lar..

so sayonara for today..tata

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  1. zhentasy July 4, 2008 at 1:10 AM
    Sure i will view ur blog!!i m ur supporter and so r u as my supporter!!hahah!win win situation!!

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