One Of the Most Craziest Day for this year~

By yow yuen
NS gathering is back and I am so delighted that I giving an oppoturnity to organise this gathering and thanks to Koey for helping me and as one of the member who give idea bout this gathering and thanks to all for those coming..I really appreciated all ur attendance and thanks very muchie xD hope they will be another nxt time..let me count ar..this is the officially the 6th NS Gathering..woohoo~!!! 6 gathering in 1 half years..

Lee Liak Shern
Wilson Lim wat Liang
Lee Kar Shin
Sudoku Yap Hon Ken
William Chong
Ah Siang

Thanks for 2 of my fren from college that come and sing together..they can be consider as artis jemputan and come to enjoy with us..thanks Gan Cheng Hap and Lim Kuok Zhen..

here come the to kuok zhen for help us take pictas xD

for not wasting time the picture of the gathering in Red Box plus 12th July 2008

deng deng deng

room number 9

thanks to all who attend..Friendship forever

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  1. aarongan July 12, 2008 at 11:11 PM
    wa SAI Mm SAI write FULL NAME o

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