Lost your license?Dun worry..limbeh teach

By yow yuen
ok..while you all can learn how to make a police traffic report at ah gan blog then u all can learn how to renew/u lost ur license

-first go to the nearest JPJ

-go take number and ask for the license lost form(ignore all those JPJ ulat)

-my excuse when the ulat ask me is go find fren

-take number and fill the form(remember bring pen and photostat IC and one pasport size photo)

-wait for ur turn

-give the officer rm20 only

the end

comment;- this place is fully packed , many ulat from all races (especially chinese),hear a couple of chinese arguing with the ulat, ulat offer me 5 minutes can siap but rm20 for 5minutes is NONO!!!

try be nice with the officer and have a nice day ~!

-photocopy front and back of ur IC
-one pasport size of ur photo(the latest one) :p
-pen to fill the form..dun harap at there will got ppl so nice to borrow u pen unless u r hot
-beware of ulat and try to do urself and ask officer to avoid u from pay extra
-dun need make police report but if u make then better lar..at least someone go and rape a gal then left ur license there rite

so tats all..
and my picture of new license and my new pouch bag^^


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