By yow yuen
today story is about JAM JAM JAM

ok..from my new house, wangsa metroview to my old house Jalan Gombak Batu 5 take me an hour..walao..beh tahan..even I finish listen to one 20-songs album...

wat de hell..story start like tis ..at 4.15 i go out from metroview then go desa there and plan make U-turn lor but noticed
-the road very jam so
-decided to make turn at in front balai polis wangsa maju
-also very very very jam + bazar ramadan
-go straight till rampai there
-make turn to ayer panas @ hakka yong tau foo there
-jam at there cost me around 30 minutes
-nvm..after tat jam again in front the place where u can play golf
-jam again when in front new danau kota TBUN till my house OTK
-sienzz.take me around 20 minutes
-at home inside kampung also jam
-someone kong ka kiao or wat then I dunno lar
-6.20pm reach home

morale of the day is dun expect other road wont jam especially at bulan ramadhan

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