new life

By yow yuen
ah jin sms me and ask for the link of this blog...if not i wont write blog as not really in mood now..

weather so hot...and moody...finally i can master a manual car perfectly..i try it adi for these few days and clutch now is really under my feet..

yest i went yamcha with steven...he tell me alot things can happen suddenly..make me realise which one is more important in my life...i start to doubt what am i doing now...

for all ur information , i going Kch on this 26 feb...maybe should go there and take some fresh air as i think here is too complicated and noisy before i start new sem..

i miss tar college pretty galz as i am really boring sit at home..wat can I money..aiz...sienz...wat ever I do i also no mood now...

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