i am back..

By yow yuen
new yy..

i am back...after rest for so many days didnt write blog..actually i got some personal problems this last few weeks..lucky that i am strong enough and support of some of my frens..really thanks u all very much..

i juz back from kch yest and can say the cat city really bring alot joy and sorrow to me..which i dun like to mention it juz keep it as a good memory and lesson for me...i hope my fren who in kch will be happy and thanks you all very much..to all who ever talks to me i really appreciate it at least u all take some part in curing my loneliness when i in there..

man...college opening soon..i cant wait to go in and start do back like last time..i really miss gals in tarc...imagine 1 month in here,if not facing my mom sure my sis lor..outside gal pulak is huey yee...aiz more sienz lor face tat miss kalori...sorry ah zhen..who told her whack my head juz now...dam sad..T_T

back to today...ah jin adi reach home..glad everyone is coming back soon and my life will get back like usual...tat why title new yy..i want be new yy after so much sadness in my relationship,finance,and study...

i hope march will be new beginning to my sorrow february...february 08 is one of my most dark month...hope march will be better...aiz...nothing to say..

thanks to xiao and ah tse for acc me there...i will post up some croc or buaya picture for u all..

man ...i will stop here and continue later..

c ya...thanks for my blog fan and thanks for reading :)

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