Long post

By yow yuen
Apparently I am facing my examination that I know wont mean that much for those who read my blog , but for me it more than a test from the beloved God , as what we all can think bout exam? stress ,annoying , disturbing or even wasting time? huh..not really.Everyone will blame the people on their side if they cant done well in this exam so same goes to me.

I really cant find any good excuse for not excel in my Basic Electronics and Principle Electrical and Electronic Engineering papers.Indeed I have too much time to study on both subject.A Semester for both subject and I cannot expect to done 'not well or fail'
>.<.It is going to be another long post by me before I heading to my study room again and face my Basic Electronics paper.Ok ,honeymoon time is over for me, wake up and go study,you can enjoy your holiday or trip after the examination but not now.Perhaps one round of games like DOTA or FIFA08 is fine for me but try dont stick my ass from sit in front my pc everyday is harder than chee choong to say rude words.

What have becoming to the world nowadays and what had happened to my lovely pet?I hope my tortoises are fine with my family now >.< I am not that irresponsible or lazy,just I dun feel like want move to my new house.I have a great memory in here and here is where I belong.I don't know when my 'no internet' excuse will last how long,only the beloved know about it and it is true that Streamynutz ports in Wangsa Metroview are full and fully occupied but the thanks but no welcome , students of tar college.

Ya , my course is trying to organize a trip to Port Dickson where located at Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.I still remember my sweet memories at there , where I nearly caught drown and luckily my uncle managed to grab my hand before all of this become history,trying to express much is not a good thing and unfavorable among my blog readers but what comes around goes around .So my friends , go back study and do what you all should do , I will switch off my pc once I hear Double Kill from my speaker.

Thanks for reading and sharing,

yow yuen
(rasa sayang hey , rasa sayang sayang eh)

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  1. samson September 17, 2008 at 11:03 AM
    Selling tears, selling fast! lol.

    gd luck and all the best for ur BE!

  2. aarongan September 17, 2008 at 4:54 PM
    study hard and hope u can score A in ur BE beside tht after exam don forget to buy all those thing tht i remind u yesterday.

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