TLC~truly loving campaign

By yow yuen
hey guys,

wassup...been long time before last time you all read my blog..well what I am going to put in my blog is about TLC

TLC is a company tat bla bla bla bla bla...ok

TLC= company that sell product but gave their dividents to society charity purpose.

I went there with ah kang and Simon..hehe..guess what we been trolling around and spread the bullshit question around the event..lolx...pity those ppl from SSSH..dealing with YY is not easy especially bullshiting part...

Ah Kang bought shampoo 600ml and I also brought a 250ml cost around rm5.70..ya the shampoo damn wangi(how to spell in english?) and after use really feel fresh..not i want help them bullshit or wat lar..but really cool lar..siok only after use..see I need use my manglish back..

so for those guy who havent go ..plz go to college hall 3pm for these meaningful I do what I can do for them advertise in my blog..

so i know without picture u all sure sienz..especially those sohai Z,G, and the others who terasa..

for more info plz go to

and tis body shampoo really good lar..i no bluff k..after use really siok..all cool cool only..every part of my body ..zhen i know wat u thinking..k tata

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  1. zhentasy August 12, 2008 at 8:19 PM
    hy went to there also juz the same thing like ur...hmm...thats mean i'll smell like u after this...hahaha
  2. samson August 12, 2008 at 10:53 PM
    if tats the case, my dog will b hving the same smell too. muaahahaha..

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