library oh library..cold like hell

By yow yuen
now posting in tar college library ..downstair there..

nothing much can do and to those who want come surt net at library, I suggest you all go down to lower ground for pc..10times faster than the beside discussion room

k today topic is about karaoke..well..everyone know my birthday is coming soon ..hahaha..but seriously no one would make effort to celebrate with me..cant blame gan coz his mom is coming this week as he also busy with his own schedule.

bit boring so I decide to update my blog here and what the hell..library pc never install Java now whole screen in HTML mode...zzzzz

wateva..i not good in programming stuff..all the best and I want share some photo with you all but very hard

thanks to the college internet I only will post tonite or tomoro...tonite maybe go for WALL-E...coz see high review from The Star

k la..c u all soon and all the best for her exam ..good luck =)

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