The day I kena summon and what an unlucky day

By yow yuen
Blog for today is without picture one..haha..Currently at school library typing sienzz and dunno what to do..story of today is about kakak security who lock my car ..story start like this

11am..Reach college saw yasmin fetch her and borrow phone from her to call gan
11.05am..saw gan and fetch him to atm there to withdraw my money..then after i take money to attend basic lor..

Then I saw Mr.TSH walking to pa avoid him I drive behind him and park in dangerous place..mean unsecure for scurity lar...

11.30am..look out to window..nothing happen

11.55am..class dismiss..saw kakak security at there writing summon for me and locking my car together with another like hell

11.57am..sorry kakak bcoz I scold you but I really dun wish that coz very pek chek d..I am willing pay summon but dun lock my car ma.. to console kakak and he unlock my car..go and make payment..

library keyboard is so sensitive and I am unable to type comfortably and fast..aiz..summore keyboard damn noisy..

wat to do ..I enjoy typing here because got air cond see u all..maybe go for kentucky friend chicken later. hahaha..

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