today is wednesday

By yow yuen
what I can talk bout Wednesday leh???

last time I only remember Wednesday is the time to go buy soya bean..why??because Wednesday my house area there got pasar malam ma...

I like lok lok de si ham at pasar malam or english call cocker...hahaha..(ah gan cant eat si ham because of some labuan syndrom)

talk bout today I very KeK Sim...first..Officially fail in my Engineering Science II ..dunno which fucker say need pay rm100 for resit..niama punya college..everyday want take and eat our money..even my car sticker also charge me extra rm1...XD

I only manage slept around 6am then 10am wake up to watch TVB drama...aiz..Tat time I know d I sure fail..cant study..I blame government for changing subject to english..tiba-tiba only all change to english..we need time to adapt..

plus the stupid and stupid diao de college , set must have at least 50marks to pass..oi..tat is call eat money...walao...i study from kindergarden until form5 also 40 marks can pass d...tis is the truth evidence in wat they so call want to maintain their standard..standard my KKJ(learn new short form=kukujiao)see their security I already to hui(muntah darah , vomit blood , tu shek , tou huit )

see wat happen today in fren chee choong bag those who take the bag I really angry...Imagine the Chee Choong innocent and cute face when he out from exam hall...then notice his bag missing...he sure shocked and get scare..pity my little chee choong...Hey...I am not joking ok as all coursemates also love Chee Choong...

after tat more to hui de is go red box...aiz..wat to place..I blame cb Gan for his mistake and stupid PR skills...wat de hell...somemore Ah Chin still manage eat 1901 hot lou hot dog rm8++ can ...treat me eat wantan mee cant lar..aiz ...nvm lar..since u want back d and be my blog supporter...

k lar..chow first..waiting CB gan to call me go watch Rambo..oi Rambo..Rambo leh...malou ah..Rambo leh...oIII rambo leh...

ok bye bye

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