today is ma lou day

By yow yuen
dunno wat beef meat with fries..nice eat..walao...hungry
pavilion is getting nicer

popcorn lar..apa lagi..before watch Rambo4..nice movie

inside the GSC...damn nice
THX sound system rulez!!!
when ah gan say no!

today I went to cheras lar ..morning eat wantan mee together with gan , chin and kz.then later deliver the k320i to my uncle in cheras lor..damn tired..aiz..need drive for long time..back d straight go fetch my sister lor..the damn fuk thing is ah chin juz shower tat lou ah...he call me around 2pm and told me tat ah gan already booked red box around 4pm..but around 4pm he still shower...zzzz..then no choice lor..we move to pavilion see got wat nice..early we plan to visit redbox plus but around rm50++sien lor..coz our budget is rm50 only...aiz..end up watch rambo 4..nice movie..XD

I still will ungkit my grandmother story here..if not me mention they student price sure pay extra rm12 to my time ask only..dun need paiseh..tarc student card so paiseh meh..aiz...rambo 4 really bout tat movie ar..wahlao..the sound effect damn keng..and rambo archery skill so keng..i like rambo..rambo rulez...18SG..underage cant go watch it

then after tat we went to Carls Jr...I dunwan to mention bout ur beard papa choco puff and my crispy chicken...Carls Jr is pure nice...and it is more nice when I dun need pay for it XD....tumpang sekali makan lar..wah ...damn full...after tat play traffic jam outside of pavilion..wat de helll..juz to make a U-turn I waste around half an gal smile to ah chin but he damn back lar..persona only ma..ya talk bout car I saw car with nice car plate number..alphard with J11 number but look like JII ..nice...automatic door man..wakaka...

after tat fetch ah chin go duta lor coz he going back hometown ma fan..ppl adi tired..but nvm lar..fren ma..lucky today he say he need frens more than gf...hear also syok abit...then like tat only lor for today..kinda lazy..havent shower yet..

happy holiday to my frens ...


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