the day huey yee say "diao liao lor"

By yow yuen
lousy weekend..

stay at home...

yest saturday I went JJ wangsa maju bought conditioner and deodarant..around rm30 bucks d...pain pain T_T

fetch my sister go tuition then quickly went JJ lor...ah gan ask eat teppanyaki..walao..teppanyaki not nice and cost around rm16 T_T

aiz aiz....quite boring then went home and go yamcha then back home study lor...


woke up around is kinda like my diary now...cant miss it..LOL ^^

nothing special until evening where I went dinner with my family ..I no idea how much my dad paid for it but we do have crunchy choi sam , talapia fish (fei chaw yu) , fried chicken wings, kong pou kai ting (dry chilies with chicken meat ),seafood tau fu , and last my sister favourite de water idea how to translate it...

we go sentul lao hiong come out on tv dun play play..i like their foods and find it quite ok lor..

then we went to JJ kepong..aiz..whole family like go JJ...every week go also wont sienz..but tis time i really fed up dad didnt even went to supermarket today when shopping...i already plan to grab loreal wax , some body shampoo , and stocks for me during CNY...feel zzzz..

then juz now juz finish having a dota game..use storm..own like sial...haha...won the game in around 76 minutes...quite fast for a 5vs5 game... chatting with gary and ah jien...he ask me where can change syiling to paper notes o...for who want it can leave comment here XD

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